Hear It From Them: Real Stories, Real Success

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Ken Greaves for over 15 years. Ken is a highly respected Psychologist and Professional in his field and a very supportive colleague. Ken continues to be dedicated to supporting people who have range of differences and who seek help. He has dedicated a lot of his career to working with people within the autism community, both children and adults.”
Dr Laura Cockburn
C.Psychol. AFBPsS, Head of Lorna Wing Centre (Essex) Lorna Wing Centre for Autism – National Autistic Society
“I first met Ken when I was 20 I wanted a specialist psychological assessment to find out why I had a hard time reading and writing, Ken wrote a fantastic no nonsense report , Ken and I have stayed in touch and we have worked together over the last 12 years , I feel lucky to of met Ken , he is a really caring and well informed professional who is committed to improving the lives of Autistic people.”
Robyn Steward
Autism Consultant, Author, Musician
"As a management and career coach I recognise when I have reached the limits of my own knowledge and expertise: at this stage I make a referral to one of my network of trusted partners. When a client needs help with issues that are more personal than professional, I immediately turn to Ken. Having worked with him since 2008 I have developed a huge sense of respect for his experience and capability but even more importantly for the discreet and effective way in which he works. I have no hesitation in recommending Ken at individual, group and organisation level: his interventions bring about significant change."
Neil Moses
Service Category: Career Coach Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I wrote my first reference for Ken way back in 2011 and it is an honour and privilege to write and update a new one for him. I still meet with Ken every couple of weeks and we continue to work on my difficulties with Aspergers, anxiety and any other issues or goals I want to achieve. Not a session goes by where something helpful and good doesn’t come of it. The last few years have been a real test of all the work Ken and I have put in. I never thought I would talk to my parents again or gain the courage to speak my mind, however through hard work and Ken’s skills we have managed to achieve these goals and so much more. I don’t doubt for a second that without Ken's help I would be nowhere near where I am right now. There is still a lot I would like to achieve and knowing I have Ken's backing and help will make these goals achievable. After all these years and countless productive hours speaking to Ken I have come to think of him as not just a therapist but also a very good friend who is willing to do anything he can to help you. The fact that he is so kind, understanding and has a very good sense of humour makes you feel at ease, and furthermore helps with what could be a very difficult experience. I can’t speak of Ken highly enough and will always think of him as friend and someone who has helped me through the darkest days of my life.”
Adult with Autism
"Ken was an excellent contact and support for a child with autism. I was impressed with his knowledge and found him to be interested in the work of Loddon School."
Marion Cornick
Principal Loddon School
“Ken is a Chartered Psychologist with extensive experience in providing advice and guidance to individuals, teams and leaders on personal and organisational issues. Track record of successful application of psychology across a wide range of industrial and professional sectors (both public and private). An outstanding enabler, mentor and change agent, committed to empowering others to maximise performance and realise their full potential.”
Dr P. Curran
Professional & Academic Tutor